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PT. Multi Kreasi Engineering is committed to providing the highest standard services and products to enhance customer’s needs. Our Technical Support Division will provide better solutions for Oil and Gas Industries.


Project Management

PT. Multi Kreasi Engineering’s project management services aim at helping customers to set up and deploy their systems with consistent quality and professional project planning. 

The complete project management process includes a project kick-off meeting, site preparation, products hardware and software installation,  configuration, acceptance test and commissioning.

The project manager will act as a single point of contact, and work closely with customers on each project phase, attaining efficient delivery by supervising installation, integration and coordinating project schedules and activities.

Engineered System Solutions

PT. Multi Kreasi Engineering offer design and engineering of all types of skid mounted systems metering system as well as all the associated instrumentation. We provide instrumentation and control system for many other applications.

All systems that we design and build are in accordance with the required codes and standards. We are able to design and build systems that are skid mounted and meet international standards (AGA, API, ISO, etc) and local standards which is also most accepted standard in Indonesia region. We approach to system integration, utilising state of the art hardware and software technologies, has firmly established the companies as market leaders in the design and manufacture of flow metering computer systems.

We touch on “ one stop shop” for the design, manufacture and supply turnkey flow metering system with flow computer control panel comprising :

-Flow Computer Hardware and Software

-Metering Supervisory Computer Hardware and Software

-PLC Hardware and Software

-Control Panels

-FAT and SAT

-Start-Up, Installation and Commissioning

-After Sales Support

Support, Engineering Consultancy Services and Product

PT. Multi Kreasi Engineering's support, engineering consultancy and services are to ensure a productive and efficient with increased availability and better investment returns. The proactive monitoring, swift response and accurate diagnosis from its highly trained personnel can help avoid disastrous downtime. 

Support and Services includes: 

•Field Instruments (Transmitter & Gauges) Calibration

•Analyzer (Gas Chromatograph) Services

•Flow Meter calibration (Orifice Plates, Coriolis Meter, Gas Ultrasonic Meter, Tank Gauging, Turbine Meter)

•Maintenance Services for Metering System

•Local Metrology Certification

•Engineering Consultancy of the flow meter and metering systems

PT. Multi Kreasi Engineering have capability to do fabrication of control panel with the wiring termination and power supply. 

We supply the products as following : 

•Flow Computer Control Panel for Metering System includes cable wiring termination as integrated system.

•Power Distribution Box

•Water Draw Hardware Kit for the Prover

•Calibration Can certified by Local Metrology

•Analyzer Shelter and Accessories

•Supply various instrumentation products such as Liquid Turbine Meter, PD Meter, DP Products/ Orifice Meter, Gas Turbine Meter, Rotary Meter, Electronic Volume Corrector, Coriolis Meter, Automatic Tank Gauging, Ultrasonic Meter, Control Valve, Regulator, Gas Chromatograph, Analyzers, Transmitters and Flow Computer.